what’s interesting is that y’all congratulate harry for his massive character development in regards to caring what people think of him but you blindly hate taylor despite the development she’s had with her song lyrics and her feelings towards feminism

just so y’all know (mostly @mutuals) i changed my main blog url from idreamofhim to loudkaleidoscope so if you see someone with that name talkin to u…. it me

lmao exactly how the fuck has louis had a rough year? the ONLY thing i can think of is the weed video, and he didn't even get that much flack for it despite his use of a racial slur? louis should've gotten a lot more shit for that than he did. they tried it though.

louis had a rough year bc he wasn’t allowed to buy out that football team and he had to ignore people calling him racist i guess


Please don’t send “follow back” messages that’s awkward as hell bc I gotta act like I didn’t see it and you know I did



alternatively known as “niall and harry are so married it physically hurts me” or "I can turn any narry situation and make it about domestic husbands don’t test me."

disclaimer: i own nothing.

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Helllllo!!! The end of 2014 is almost near and that means a few of our favorite holidays are coming up as well! And as many of us know, Christmas is one of those and even though tis not exactly the season to be giving, who doesn’t love a little head start and teasing to stir up the excitement for it?

So here is the 2014 Niall/Harry Holiday “Secret Santa” Fic Exchange! 

This is an anonymous exchange, hence the “secret santa” feel of it. For this exchange, if you sign up, you will be writing a holiday themed fic for someone else and during that time, someone will be anonymously writing a fic for YOU! So in the very end, everyone gets their very own little (or big) fic for the holidays. So not only does everyone who participates get a special gift, but even the people who don’t participate get a sudden influx of new niall/harry fic to read during their winter break! Get ready to cuddle up with your 1D pillows and your laptop/phone so you can read some lovely fics by some lovely writers~

When: Sign-ups start on October 5th October 2nd and close on October 25th so you have a little under three weeks to decide whether you want to participate and sign up. Your prompts to choose from and who you will be writing for will be given to you during the following week and all assignments will be given out by October 31st. Fic submissions are due on December 7th (this is the DEADLINE, but fics CAN be submitted before then, although you are encouraged to only start submitting the day after Thanksgiving, which is Nov. 28th). The reason for this fic exchange to be starting so soon is so that writers have enough time as possible to get their fics done and submitted. 

How it will work:

  • You will sign up on ao3. You must, must, must, have an ao3 account to be able to participate. If you desperately want to join this fic exchange, please create an ao3 account and sign up as soon as possible. If you are unable to get an ao3 account before the deadline of the sign-ups, contact me immediately and I will see if I can find a way to squeeze you into this activity. (there are NO promises).
  • You will request and offer. In your request, you’ll give 3-5 holiday themed prompts (3 minimum, maximum, ex. of a prompt: niall/harry, christmas eve fluff in their shared flat! lots of cuddling and kisses!). If you absolutely do not want a holiday themed fic, include regular prompts. The main point of this exchange is that everyone gets a gift in the end. It will also include information about what you do and don’t want in your fic. In your offer, you will give information about what you will and won’t write.
  • Once sign-ups are through, you will be emailed someone else’s request form. Anonymously, you will write that person a fic once you’ve chosen from one of their prompts. During this time, someone will be receiving your request form and beginning your fic. (Authors will be revealed on December 25th so you can go wish your fic writer a happy holidays while thanking them for their lovely gift~)
  • Minimum word count is 4,000 words. There is no maximum word count so go nuts, by all means.
  • Beta’s will be gathered if you do not have a go-to-beta, or if your go-to is the person you are writing for.
  • If you are unable to complete your fic, please contact me ASAP. I cannot stress this enough so I am putting it in bold: Do NOT join this fic exchange if you are not planning on taking it seriously. We do not want anyone to end up writing a fic for someone else and then not getting one back in return. Of course this is not mandatory, this is for fun. But I don’t want anyone to be disappointed in the end, so please do not back out unless you absolutely have to. Writer’s block and emergencies are of course understandable, but if you can, please do finish a fic.
  • Again, we are using ao3 so postings will be there. If you find yourself in need of assistance, contact me.
  • Only ONE fic is allowed in this exchange. But of course you can write more to post on your own, but only one from you is needed for this exchange. 
  • ALL and ANY questions can be asked here on this blog, nhficexchange, or here on Maya’s main blog, liamipayne (hlalloween for October).


  • This is so, so important. Please reblog this post (every once in a while if you can) to spread the word and gather as many writers as we can! This is not only for the benefit of the exchange, but for your benefit too! The more writers, the more fic. Sounds good, right? So even if you don’t want to/can’t participate, please reblog this post and spread this around!
  • Follow the blog this post originated from! All fics will be posted here as time goes on all the way until the final day for submitting fics. Also, all updates until the 25th of December will be posted here as well.


I encourage anyone to sign up, I am hopeful that this will be a successful fic exchange so by the time the holidays roll around, everyone will be satisfied with the new swarm of niall/harry fics :^)

(big thanks to the admin of the tshaw fic exchange for being my guideline for this. without them i would be lost completely xx)

Lmao so I just realized something is wrong with my transmission fun!