niallharold replied to your post: “god frat boys are literally so gross. there is not one thing i like…”:
i think it’s the look on niall that’s appealing, as opposed to the behavior that most frat boys exhibit. i want a fic where niall dresses like a frat boy, but is actually a momma’s boy who never misses sunday dinner. harry is pleasantly surprised.

but that’s the thing niall just does not dress like a frat boy i honestly have no idea where this comes from. like i go to a school with a very high greek life population and none of them look anything like niall. they wear polos and khaki shorts that go above their knees and boat shoes and vineyard vines. i have never in my two and a half years here seen a snapback on any of them outside of a football game. i mean i guess that maybe in some fraternity somewhere some guy might dress like niall but y’all are really underestimating how bad of an equivalency you’re making with frat boys like they’re honestly nasty. 

god frat boys are literally so gross. there is not one thing i like about frat boys. why does everyone try to make niall a frat boy.


every time i see this pic i feel like i’m a wimpy high school nerd, and seeing these guys walk down the hall i try to clutch my books to my chest and disappear into the lockers

what fic is everyone talking about


next question: when mm leaked, which song did you hate and which song did you love after your first listen


There’s this guy that rants everyday about how everyone is sinners at our college and someone made a bingo game to go along with him today



listen…….everyone fuckin likes larry why do yall gotta fake this shit….EVeryONE lowkey likes larry